Engraving the moment

Our house building specialty

The shape, characteristics, and species of trees differ, but every tree is alive. As the woodcutter takes the life of a tree, they do this with great respect for the tree. The woodcutter talks to the tree, sees its character and makes it into lumber. The carpenter carves the wood. They carve new life into the material for buildings and fittings. As generations pass, and the building decays, the wood withers and the tree return to the earth. As the tree gives it life to become a magnificent house, once the house is built the house grows with the people who live in it and their history becomes engraved in the wood. Ever moment of time, engraved in the history of the wood.
Engraving these moments is the work of Sobokuya.

When building a house, every step is engraved with a commitment to excellence.

Please consult with us about your project.

Consultations on moving to the Yatsugatake region, finding land, climate and topography, etc., are available. We also offer tours of a model house built using the wooden frame construction method.