Beyond Japan: Making strides into Vietnam

Beyond Japan: Making strides into Vietnam

Beyond Japan: Making strides into Vietnam
Making significant leaps towards expanding outside of Japan.

In prior years we have participated in several exhibitions outside of Japan, and we have had plans and ambitions to expand abroad. This year, the first significant step towards our expansion goal was made: establishing a Sobokuya division in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The Sobokuya Vietnam office is still under construction.

The Vietnamese division of Sobokuya, known simply as Sobokuya Vietnam, is presently managed by Hisashi Imai, just like Sobokuya in Japan. Imai has spent half his time in Hanoi, Vietnam, and half his time at the main company in Hokuto, Japan, through the establishment of the Vietnamese branch and will continue to support the Vietnamese efforts in person until everything gets running.

Local staff has also been hired to ensure the smooth operation and development of the Vietnamese branch, and one of our star Vietnamese carpenters, Tue, who has learned the Sobokuya craft in Japan has transferred over to the Vietnamese branch to lead it towards success. We aim to have staff from the Vietnamese branch make periodical trips to our main office in Japan to learn the traditional craft of Japanese architecture from our carpenters in Japan.

Sobokuya Vietnam will be our basis for projects carried out within Vietnam, for further details and news from the Vietnamese division of Sobokuya please refer to the official website for Sobokuya Vietnam: https://sobokuya.vn/

Putting in strong efforts towards finishing the office.
The wood has been carefully pre-cut and prepared prior to construction.
Wood that has been cut and prepared in Japan and then shipped to Vietnam.

Past exhibitions and Big 5 announcement

Sobokuya Vietnam Homepage

Nhat and Tue

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Please consult with us about your project.

Consultations on moving to the Yatsugatake region, finding land, climate and topography, etc., are available. We also offer tours of a model house built using the wooden frame construction method.