JICA Networking Fair in Spring 2023

JICA Networking Fair in Spring 2023

We had the pleasure of attending the JICA Networking Fair in Spring 2023 in Tokyo this week.

Sobokuya attended the event with a modest booth where we introduced our company to interested students. The event was targeted towards international JICA students, bringing a wealth of cultural backgrounds to the event. We are excited to have had numerous students come and visit our booth at the event.

We are looking forward to continuing working with JICA as well as the interested students for eventual internships, and to offer job opportunities to them. Sobokuya has various plans going forward and we intended to push our expansions outside of Japan and hence require energetic staff willing to take on challenges.

The posters we brought to our booth for the day.

Sobokuya established its Vietnamese office this year, and we intend to establish a second Japanese office in Tokyo later this year. Next year our goal is to establish an office in Dubai, and once we have expanded into Dubai we will be looking into expanding elsewhere: our next target is looking to be Africa.

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