New Year’s Greetings

New Year’s Greetings

Sobokuya finishes work on 28 December every year.

Not long ago, Sobokuya’s members had been drinking at a nearby buckwheat noodle shop in the afternoon.
Three people at a small table, talking about the site and each other’s families – that was our year-end party.

Not long ago, Sobokuya’s workplaces were in dugouts.
Under a small roof made in one day, they were building a building that would be used for decades. There were no forklifts or warehouses, and everything was done entirely by manpower. To the untrained eye, the company had no idea what it was doing.

Not long ago, the rustic shop had only Japanese people working for it, and Japanese people working only in Japan, for Japanese people.
It was not even imaginable to set up a local subsidiary abroad, and the company thought the current situation would continue forever.

Not so long ago, the rustic had no room to look ahead, no exciting ambitions, no warm-hearted ideas, just the protection of the present.

Yes, we have been changing for a while now.
And this year we are not afraid to push on and be different.

But sometimes, change is accompanied by loneliness.
We take this loneliness as an opportunity to look at our feet, look forward, kick the ground and wave our arms.

Happy New Year.

New Year’s Day 2023
Sobokuya Inc.
CEO Hisashi Imai

新年のご挨拶 (Original)

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