Spring “Tatekata” in Full Force

Spring “Tatekata” in Full Force

One of the most exciting aspects of the construction process is the Tatekata, which roughly translates into “method of construction”. During the Tatekata, the frame of the building is completed within a day of hasty and vigorous construction. It’s a time of great teamwork and coordination, as all the carpenters work together to safely and quickly finish the first step of construction.

Sobokuya’s carpenters working vigorously together during the Tatekata

Once the initial Tatekata is concluded, the carpenters continue to work in more focused groups as they work towards the completion of the project. This is a time of care, problem-solving, and focused work carried out with the utmost care as the carpenters work to bring the project to life.

Sobokuya’s carpenters working on the Dome House project

Stay tuned for further blog entries regarding individual projects.

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